I had one of the best birthdays last 22nd because (1) my mom worked really hard to prepare all the pesto and other food I fed my officemates with and (2) Charlie surprised me with roses, the 2012 Pacman Weekly Planner, and the Hope Cheesecake from Banapple. Aside from that, he even treated me and Angelica and Cholo to a dinner at Cyma in Eastwood.

one of the roses from Charlie

It was sweet because Charlie “surprised” me with roses for each of the times I saw him. First in the morning, when he gave me my planner gift, and then second over lunch, when he delivered me my surprise! cake before having lunch with me and my officemates, and then lastly when he opened the door for me when I went to his office after work. He even wore a lime green shirt — my favorite color in the world, EVER.

the pacman planner comes with an address book

I’ve been bugging him for the planner a long time now, and while I was asking for just the smaller one, he gave me the bigger one instead! I can’t wait for the last week of December so I can start writing on it.

photo taken by my team leader/supervisor, Dys :P

I also asked him last week if he didn’t mind having lunch at work on my birthday (because I always lunch with him at his office, mostly because it’s less formal there unlike in ours, haha). So last Thursday he got to meet some of my officemates! We got to eat the delicious pesto my mom prepared (with dried fish or dilis that you absolutely have to sprinkle on top and all over and eat with the pasta because it’s best served that way). There were some barbecue and empanada too.

The cheesecake that Charlie got was very yummy but also so very heavy! I couldn’t finish a “normal” slice, like the triangular one you’d usually have. It was so heavy, just getting a smaller square for a piece would be enough. Those who got more ended up sharing their slice. :D There was even leftover cheesecake that I tried to finish yesterday morning. Tried to, mind, because I ended up sharing it with two other people at work because the last slice was still too heavy to eat alone.

dinner at Cyma in the evening, with Cholo and Angelica

I was so tired (I’ve actually been very exhausted for weeks now) that I’m glad that the last stop for my birthday was a simple dinner with Angelica and Cholo at Cyma in Eastwood. The others like Kasey and Anna Lou couldn’t go, but it’s alright. My birthday is a really weird day for inviting people. To be honest, their schedules aren’t really their fault and I’m used to this whole December thing.

At this point, I had to put more effort in walking before and after dinner and I had to give up at around 9PM, saying I’m really tired and had to go home. Stupid us, we asked Cyma to pack our leftovers but we forgot the food before we left. :P

I also bought some Fruit Bar Chocolates from Royce as a treat for myself since SMART haven’t even contacted me about the iPhone I ordered/applied for two days ago. (Smart Customer Service in SM Megamall really sucks, and if not for their apprently uber fast data plans, I wouldn’t have even tried ordering from them.)

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