And down below old memories come alive

If there’s any other stop-motion out there worth spending some minutes watching it’s THIS. Even as an advertisement, this was pretty much genius. The stop-motion is not an original technique anymore BUT the challenge lies in how to use stop-motion to present something that can still be called unique.

This would have been perfect for the Island Creamery advertisement (for our Advertising Strategies project). I’m just saying.

AdStrat project over!

Finally, our AdStrat presentation is done! We had our weakness but I think the prof liked our idea anyway. Which makes me excited because maybe advertising will actually be fun, if you’re working with the right people. My group mates are just awesome (except for one guy who was stupid enough to plagiarize his part from another group’s paper from the previous semester. Seriously, I don’t know how people like that can get into NUS, which is supposed to be in the top 10 unis in the world). Our group meeting last Sunday was actually fun (and funny). We went to the Shaw Towers for an extremely late lunch and ate at the Japanese/Korean restau there. On the way, my group mates ended up using “dubious” with all the “dubious looking” infrastructure and even ads, hahaha.

“That building just looks dubious,” “That guy looks dubious,” “The pink flowers hanging from the parking lot makes the parking lot dubious.” And even at the Japanese/Korean restau, with its unappealing brown tables and benches cramped together in a small space: “this looks dubious.”

Seriously, I’m so glad they have a sense of humor. We’ve exchanged some cuss words — I taught them “gago” and “putangina.” And I got this expression in Cantonese that meant something like ‘That shocked me!’ — “haseyang.” And Kailing always used “haseyang” haha, it’s so cute.

Ok, so anyway, this was the pseudo-stop-motion we made (the illustrations aren’t stop-motioned anymore because I didn’t have time to. Plus, it was hard using just iMovie and Photoshop CS4. I wanted to try making it in After Effects but I don’t have the program.) :(

And because their company website was made with ancient and outdated web standards (it’s really horrible, if you want to take a look), we redid their site. The process made me excited because of the possibilities I can do with the LFC website which terribly needs revamping also. I mean, logging in with your Facebook account? What else would the best way to get our members to utilize the homepage, huh? HUH??? THE POSSIBILITIES!

Now I really, really want to apply for an OJT in an advertising company to get the feel of what it is like being in the industry and to judge for myself if I want to go into it. I’m like a floating jellyfish in the middle of the ocean. I don’t know where exactly I want to go yet. Aside from (1) opening up this super awesome business idea with my friends, (2) traveling everywhere in the world, and (3) someday making my own film. But #1-3 needs an immense amount of money (or more like a fortune), and I need to find some way to earn that.

Seriously, I don’t feel so awesome at the age of twenty but maybe in ten more years I’d have something to be proud of. I still have this dream of someday being someone who can inspire people. :) And maybe being in a fantastic relationship with someone amazing, also. <3

Design Currency

I think this is an amazing video, promoting Design Week Vancouver whose theme is “Design Currency.” Although we were talking about transactional art in Cyber Arts class yesterday, this uses “currency” in a different context: value of design.

And it’s not that easy. When we went to the Singapore Art Museum and to another exhibit at Old School, I felt this immense difference between a genius artist and a design student. The level of impact cannot even measure that of an artist who lives very passionately with his art.

As for me, I’m already 20 (or still 20? Depending on from which POV you look at it), but I have never inspired anyone to do something yet. I don’t think I’m looking for it too early, but I don’t believe I’d be able to achieve any sort of impact with my currently-non-existent-even-in-the-form-of-intangible-ideas thesis. Unless I have a sudden moment of enlightenment or something.

I miss being part of a production

This is one of the AVPs Gino P. (Indioboy Productions) and his team made (with which I did production design for!):

I really, really miss being part of a production team. There’s this group in my Cyber Arts class (you can say we make videos, but it’s more…inclined to art than anything else) and they’re really great. They made me feel the excitement from watching an amazing video. We were only going to make two videos in class and I loved both of their projects. One was a video adaptation of one of Hemmingway’s works, and another was an installation that I can’t even say how well-thought of their execution was.

My group’s ok, but I miss working with people who really know what they’re doing. I guess I got used to working with people like Charlie, Gino, Ayo, Jan, and all my other fantastic friends that I had to lower a bit of my expectations when I’m working with beginners (I’m totally clueless when it comes to anything beyond production design).

Things are going to get crazy

With Photoshop developing Content-Aware Fill, any 2nd grader can edit their photos and no one will need a professional photographer or editor anymore.

Photography “skills” will be a thing of the past.

It’s sad, it’s crazy, it’s terrifying.

Meanwhile, I realized my portfolio is so lame. I’m so lame. I don’t have any designs you’d call fantastic or brilliant. All the stuff I’ve uploaded are just old, ugly onesĀ  with very little creativity. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with my life. But I know I want to keep on making websites for other people and then perhaps explore interactive media more. But realizations (just realizations) don’t always get you somewhere.