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Last month I became very busy juggling a couple of books on product, design, and UX at the same time. Recently, I was reminded to take notes of the books I read, which is something I did enjoy back in college. Since most of my books are e-books these days, I bought notebooks on the way home from work:

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They are absolutely not bad for PhP 15 — despite the glaring logo in front. I haven’t been to National Bookstore in a while that while browsing through stuff I realized, “Holy fudge, pens are expensive!” And I meant the normal ball-point ones, which were PhP 25+; I had to settle for the Bic ones at PhP 10, because it matters that I have enough money for the cab, haha.

I now have a few pages written on and as convenient it is to have everything on your phone or tablet these days, it’s still a good exercise for my memory to jot things I’ve learned and want to remember. I mean, it’s still a pretty good feeling to flip through paper and re-read things instead of opening apps or searching from e-books. Actually, this gives me an idea for an e-reader app…

Anyway, I should be sharing some of my notes / take-aways from the books I’ve been reading soon!

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  1. Re: Ball point pens. Try the Faber-Castell ones. They’re pretty good, reliable, and they’re only Php9.99. :)

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