Because designing with Adobe on my retina MBP is a pain in the eyes (all those pixels, gahh!) I’m trying to replace my workflow with Pixelmator and Sketch. Unfortunately, it’s not too easy because:

(1) Designing for, say, 1144px on Pixelmator makes the canvas look as small as this: 

I’m not sure if I’m being stupid or what, but have I missed some kind of option in Pixelmator which Sketch thankfully has? 

Obviously, designing for the same size/ratio would make my job way easier than trying to squint at the pixel-accurateness of Pixelmator. 

(2) As much as I would like to do everything in Sketch because of this issue (or feature), it does NOT support PSD files as of the moment. Also, weirdly enough, despite being a vector program, I cannot copy+paste vectors from Illustrator to sketch. Or open .EPS files. There is no way to copy+paste vector files into a vector-drawing app? Whaaaat? 

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? 

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