Fuck, I can’t remember some bits from last night.

That’s my wake-up thought this morning after getting home from a night of drinking.

Well, shit.

I should scold myself more for my lapses of judgment. I mean, I’m not a college student anymore seeking short-lived highs and thrills.

It’s like I’m asking for it because something’s wrong with me and I like the loss of control. I close my eyes and ears and put on this whatever persona. Have fun now, think later.

But adulting means I should know better. Overcome the convenience afforded by stupidity.

It’s been an awful week. I believe I was totally asking for that opportunity to get drunk. I reverted to my college self the moment I’m in a house-drinking party (or, who am I kidding. The moment I’ve decided to go for it for an evening).

I can be introspective now but I still won’t recover memories my brain failed to save last night.

Well, no shit.

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