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  • because Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming soon

    because Fire Emblem: Awakening is coming soon

    Me: So I was playing this English-patched, fan-translated, Fire Emblem game from 2010, and I was comparing it to the Awakening demo. And well, the new one coming up has a better story; the older one was too linear and step-by-step — C: wait, stop. Me: huh? what is it? C: look at you, talking…

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  • Impromptu


    Just so you know, I had a wonderful time last night and it made my otherwise boring weekend into something I’ll remember. There’s just something about these spontaneous “adventures” of ours that makes them special. Which made me remember a piece of conversation last night concerning my impromptu invitation to eat cake posted on Facebook…

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  • Untitled post 2774

    while procrastinating with a headache at work today, I was chatting with C, saying: i wanna live in a house with you and get a studio with you and work with you.  hopefully the future goes swell and I honestly can’t wait for it. :)

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