Double hatting a Product Design + Management role these past few weeks have pushed me to look at product design in a different perspective. Previously, I admit I haven’t been trying hard enough to understand why “we’re doing what we’re doing”, and my product thoughts were something I treated as merely suggestions I can offer […]
I’ve been reading up a lot on what makes people tick and company culture some few weeks back. This is another valuable insight and you’ll see where things in teams can break apart: “…when companies try to optimize everything, it’s sometimes easy to forget that success is often built on experiences — like emotional interactions […]
Before midnight musings: every person that leaves, leaves with their vision. This is the same as products copying other products. You can copy features, but not the vision of the people who made them. So even in an array of products that do similar things, those that show promise have a strong vision behind them. […]
I’ve shifted through different jobs in the past few years. Even so, it has never been a breeze to price my work and my hours. I have done freelance work in the past, but I was never a hundred percent confident that I wasn’t undervaluing my work or that I wasn’t over estimating the work […]
My Old Plan My two-year contract with SMART was a mix of good and bad. Bad because my iPhone 4S broke a month after the 1-year warranty (CRY!!!) but good because my experience of their services has been smooth all throughout. I’m sure there are horror stories out there, but I guess I’m lucky enough […]
Requirements XCode Git (easy via Homebrew) node.js – or SASS – LESS – GruntJS –   Grunt Plugins SASS – CSSmin – Watch – Uglify (for compiling JS files) – Example: npm install grunt --save-dev npm install grunt-contrib-uglify --save-dev   Use with SublimeText For a faster […]
It was pay-day last week (MONEY!!!!!) so I bought myself a mid-to-low range tablet (not that much money!!!): a Cherry Mobile Bolt (rebranded from Ainol Novo 7). I was thinking if I should get the 2nd generation Nexus 7, but I’m actually waiting for the new iPad Mini to be my main tablet so I […]
It’s sort-of the start of September, and I may have not done everything I said I wanted to do back in July, but this week has been a week of learning new things, so time hasn’t been completely wasted. I managed to try out and install Jekyll, and I’m still evaluating how convenient it is […]
I’ve been looking for some online articles to read up on task-oriented IA for a project, and haven’t found many. The first blog post I saw, and that have been linked by others, was Michael Andrew’s short introspective entry about it. Here he says: When experimenting with task-oriented IA, here are some issues to keep […]