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  • Digging deep to find product problems

    Double hatting a Product Design + Management role these past few weeks have pushed me to look at product design in a different perspective. Previously, I admit I haven’t been trying hard enough to understand why “we’re doing what we’re doing”, and my product thoughts were something I treated as merely suggestions I can offer […]

  • From an iPad to an Android tablet

    From an iPad to an Android tablet

    It was pay-day last week (MONEY!!!!!) so I bought myself a mid-to-low range tablet (not that much money!!!): a Cherry Mobile Bolt (rebranded from Ainol Novo 7). I was thinking if I should get the 2nd generation Nexus 7, but I’m actually waiting for the new iPad Mini to be my main tablet so I […]

  • no longer the first day of september

    no longer the first day of september

    It’s sort-of the start of September, and I may have not done everything I said I wanted to do back in July, but this week has been a week of learning new things, so time hasn’t been completely wasted. I managed to try out and install Jekyll, and I’m still evaluating how convenient it is […]

  • Intro on Task-oriented Information Architecture

    I’ve been looking for some online articles to read up on task-oriented IA for a project, and haven’t found many. The first blog post I saw, and that have been linked by others, was Michael Andrew’s short introspective entry about it. Here he says: When experimenting with task-oriented IA, here are some issues to keep […]

  • Tooltips and Popovers not working on Bootstrap

    For a while I couldn’t make Bootstrap tooltips and popovers work. I had all the necessary js and css files, with the right js code. Been googling the issue and found this ticket: Tooltips custom selectors does not seem to work. I’m not using custom selectors, but for some reason I just couldn’t make the […]

  • All I really wanted to do was to build stuff

    So I was cleaning up one of my domains today and decided to check out one of my old projects: ZAGGER. It’s a CMS I made for my friends’ original table-top game. I was really proud of it when I started coding it in 2011, since it was my own way of learning some PHP+mySQL […]

  • The secret to being more

    The secret to being more

    “The secret to a good life,” he told me once, “is to bring your A game to everything you do. Even if all you’re doing is taking out the garbage, you do that with excellence.” – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler Sometimes I want to be more. But isn’t this it? […]

  • Dashboards

    I’ve been working on dashboards. Not very often, but I’ve had a few projects, and I usually start out feeling lost and confused about where to start. I recently signed up at froont.com to check out their responsive-making tools and was greeted with this pretty simple dashboard. Damn, I really need to work on my […]

  • Supporting IE8 with Foundation by ZURB

    Since I’m using Foundation 4 for Save22, and they’ve pulled the plug on IE8 (and lower) support, here are some incredibly useful codes on Git that you’ll probably need if you want it to work properly in IE. Just note that without these fixes, IE8 will render the website’s mobile layout instead of the desktop […]