no longer the first day of september

sort-of start of september

It’s sort-of the start of September, and I may have not done everything I said I wanted to do back in July, but this week has been a week of learning new things, so time hasn’t been completely wasted.

I managed to try out and install Jekyll, and I’m still evaluating how convenient it is (if it is actually convenient) for front-end prototyping. Since Jekyll seems to be primarily used for static blogs, the projects I’m prototyping are more of customized content management systems, so it’s not always easy. I managed to edit a sample plugin someone had put up on the internet and made it work to my needs despite never writing Ruby before (though the changes are minor), which gave me a bit of a push to read up more on Ruby programming.

Perhaps my biggest distractions when it comes to work and programming are: (1) books and (2) GW2. I find Fiction insanely more interesting than design and/or programming books so when I occasionally find a good story to read, I end up doing a book marathon for around six hours before I could do anything else. I have a huge list of design and a couple of Javascript e-books I’ve been meaning to read, but I just had to find a lovely fictional novel to make myself giddy and happy.

And such was my circumstance last night when I started (and finished) reading The House at Tyneford. I’m easily a sucker for romantic novels, much more when they’re set in various time periods, and this being set pre- and during WWII was no different. My inner romantic properly satisfied, today I can focus on work again.

It’s the weekend again, and although I’m cramming some work for Saturday and Sunday, it’s not so bad.



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