Two relationships and I’m cursed with a bad fate of hating one of my partner’s closest friends. Being treated in a similar manner (and then some) like I was treated over ten years ago unfortunately is still unforgivable in my book. There’s some overlap in what they both did: being spurned, shrugged off, ignored, and […]
[逢うは別れの始め] To meet is the beginning of parting. The first time I read this, it felt like the perfect title of a story. It clues me in — prepares me for a bittersweet reality — and somehow I feel the words are beautiful as it does so. I know we will part, and I’m not […]
(After Victor published his blog post, I forced myself to finish writing this, too. Thanks Victor!! :P) This post is a bit late, but I feel that 2014 deserves a dedicated post to help me recount where I am in life now; what my previous goals were for the last year, and what I have […]
Can you understand? Someone, somewhere, can you understand a little? For all my despair, for all my ideals, for all that -- I love life. But it is hard, and I have so much - so very much to learn.
The past week I have struggled with some anger, hatred, frustrations at individuals, groups of people, circumstances, memories, whathaveyou. I haven’t been feeling affectionate or happy or understanding or patient. I just have moments when I’m just so dissatisfied no matter what I do and I forget that nothing will ever be perfect. I forgot […]
I begin this post with a poem: The Changed Woman Louise Bogan The light flower leaves its little core Begun upon the waiting bough. Again she bears what she once bore And what she knew she re-learns now. The cracked glass fuses at a touch, The wound heals over, and is set In the whole […]
This is going to be one of the (possibly many) pre-2012 posts (and the first) that I will be making before the year ends. This is also an attempt to use internet memes on my personal life, but I may get it wrong (which is why I’m just posting it here and not on 9Gag!) You […]
I guess there will always be some things I’ll feel bad about, guilty over, but despite the wrongness of it — of clinging onto the strings of hate, I just can’t let go of these feelings. Not yet. I can’t because I don’t understand how anybody could be friends with him after everything he blamed on […]
I used to be really insecure about myself because I felt that because we were both sort-of “creative” people, there’s this unsaid competition between us. And it’s a competition I don’t want to be in, which always made me want to give up an aspect of design to focus on something else. But hearing that […]
Following a depressing night, I’ve decided to take a hiatus on designing. I honestly hate how I got here. I’m not over some heartbreaks, and that includes feeling useless and a lot of hate towards myself. My design portfolio used to be filled with posters and whatever I did in college, and it’s a phase […]