Year: 2010

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  • Conquering orals with style

    Conquering orals with style

    It really is cold again now so I wore this cozy thrifted jacket that I so love, love, love. The sleeves were just so nice and the texture so comfy, and I’m sure I’ve blogged about this jacket before. It doesn’t help that I might still have slight fever so blegh. I was planning on…

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  • No more mr. nice guy

    No more mr. nice guy

    Salad was the only good thing about yesterday. Well, aside from eating dinner with some old friends. But yum, I loved my lunch. I set aside time to prepare it so I can bring some salad with shrimp, oranges, corn, and mango dressing to school. I’m not vegetarian but I love salads and this is…

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  • Up from the sick-bed

    Up from the sick-bed

    I had an insane 39-degrees fever yesterday and ended up wasting half the day shivering and sleeping on my bed. I really hope it’s not dengue, else I should be genuinely scared for my life. This morning though, I’m feeling better. Well good enough to stay up late again to try and finish flash. I’m…

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  • Library-safe outifit

    Library-safe outifit

    My problem with the library is that if I try to stay longer inside, it just gets too cold for me. So I end up leaving after around 2 hours max, then I come back again. But if I go all dressed up for the lib (with pants, jacket, and all), going to class becomes…

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  • Flash Crunch-Time!

    Flash Crunch-Time!

    This was a mini flash project I submitted last July. I like flash, but maybe not as much as jQuery, haha. :D Okay, off to working on our last flash project!

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  • awkward hair-growing stage

    awkward hair-growing stage

    One of the things I feel the frustration in is my hair. I just don’t know what to do with it, or how to style it. All I know is I’m growing it because the longest it ever got was a few inches below my shoulders. My bangs are wavy and my hair usually is…

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  • Never dressed for the weather

    Never dressed for the weather

    It’s a weird weather season again and unfortunately, I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top when it rained. It was cold most of the day but at least I had my beige blazer/jacket. No sleep for a few days rendered me half-dead. The only thing that got me going yesterday was our Theo151 report,…

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  • In search of the best froyo

    In search of the best froyo

    My favorite froyo is the Blueberry Cheesecake one from Pancake House. Right now it’s my de-stressor food, together with anything Japanese, so I ended up squandering a good P275 yesterday for dinner at Teriyaki Boy and even though I hadn’t planned it, I ordered froyo for dinner. I got the Coffee Jelly flavor and while…

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