Library-safe outifit

My problem with the library is that if I try to stay longer inside, it just gets too cold for me. So I end up leaving after around 2 hours max, then I come back again. But if I go all dressed up for the lib (with pants, jacket, and all), going to class becomes too hot. Today I try to balance it out by wearing a knit top I got from my mom’s closet, shorts, and really old shoes my aunt gave me (seriously, I’ve had them for over four years now and I’ve never really worn them).


2 responses to “Library-safe outifit”

  1. Ooh! Camille and some Comm girls! :P

    Aww at the “-ber” month thing! We got it reversed! Here, 6pm looks like 4pm! o_O Weird.

    Miss you sheep!

    1. that’s why Misha thought I was Comm too hahaha

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