Up from the sick-bed

I had an insane 39-degrees fever yesterday and ended up wasting half the day shivering and sleeping on my bed. I really hope it’s not dengue, else I should be genuinely scared for my life.

This morning though, I’m feeling better. Well good enough to stay up late again to try and finish flash. I’m almost done with my part. Almost. But I have thesis and theo to go so I want to get this done as soon as possible today. At least I feel better? Not completely 100% well, but good enough to take a What I Wore Today pic.

Those pants I wore for the shoot when I dressed up as Annie Hall. They’re from my mom’s closet, haha. I was going for a messy-hair-ish ponytail kind of look but the hell, I have no idea how other people pull that off effortlessly.

I wonder if this blog is slowly turning into a What-I-Wore-Today blog :P


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