Never dressed for the weather

this pair of shorts was given to me by my aunt years and years ago. Amazingly, it still fits.

It’s a weird weather season again and unfortunately, I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top when it rained. It was cold most of the day but at least I had my beige blazer/jacket.

No sleep for a few days rendered me half-dead. The only thing that got me going yesterday was our Theo151 report, and then the dinner with Mika. AND, I was looking forward to going home to my new dog!

meet Solo!
meet Solo!

This morning my mom and I bought a couple of stuff for him. I’ve yet to try and train him haha. :D Despite the grueling two weeks ahead, I’m looking forward to taking care of solo! Puppies > babies haha.


4 responses to “Never dressed for the weather”

    And I love his name~~
    (Choupi I’m loving this theme! ^-^)

    1. ISN’T HE!? He’s a toy poodle/Japanese spitz breed but he’s such a tame little dog <3

  2. Serica Chua Rojas

    We really oughta to go on that much-postponed date of ours. Sembreak is fast approaching. I need to see your dog. I die at the sight of it. @_@

  3. Solo is so cute!!! I shall play with him when I crash your place for that promised movie marathon oh yeah! :D

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