Maundy Thursdate at Saint’s Alp, Katipunan

Honestly, I’m not the most religious person out there so my idea of a Holy Week holiday well-spent is getting some work done with C (though 50% of the time we’re just playing Scramble and Words with Friends, haha).

C and I at Saint’s Alp

While most malls and establishments are expected to be closed during Holy Week, there are (thankfully) those heathen-run restaurants that are open (if not for all days during the Holy Week Holiday, a lot were open yesterday). C and I first hung out at Burger King in Marcos Highway because they have plugs and free WIFI! They also have an impressive Holy Week schedule where they’re still open 24/7 for most days, and then for some days just half the day or closing at 9pm, but never closed all day.

That’s what you call business dedication. Haha.  Continue readingMaundy Thursdate at Saint’s Alp, Katipunan

New Year Pig-Out

My long weekend had basically been a period of pigging out. Saturday we celebrated Jaime’s birthday with some food and drinks at Ang Pulo. It was also my brother’s birthday, which he celebrated with the family on Sunday. That meant a whole day at Greenbelt of eating (Kenji Tei), movies, and then more food (Starbucks, Cibo). At that point I forgot that I had a buffet lunch scheduled with C and Cholo (Jaime and the others weren’t able to go) the next day — at Sambo Kojin. C and I went to the gym after (a story that merits a separate blog post) but even after that I still pigged out a bit. Not to mention my dinner with James yesterday, and another meet-up tonight.

Let’s just say I’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year with the rest of the other Asians by keeping my belly full these days. Which is probably not the best idea, but it makes my tummy happy.  Continue readingNew Year Pig-Out

Dessert Blends at Raintree

Strawberry Cheesecake dessert blend from Raintree

As Raintree is now me and C’s default go-to place on Saturdays, I just wanted to share about our love for their Dessert Blends!

Before Raintree, I wouldn’t have considered buying anything that isn’t milk tea or tea. But their dessert blends have completely changed me. When we drop by Raintree, I don’t order milk tea anymore; I just simply prefer their dessert blends now.

I’ve blogged about C’s favorite in my last Raintree entry: Chocolate Truffle. But today, I want to share about how yummy the Strawberry Cheesecake and Banoffee Pie flavors are.

When I ordered Strawberry Cheesecake, I didn’t ask them to lessen the sugar and C found it too sweet. I added coconut jelly to it because I wanted to chew on something, but even without it the blend was still very good.

Meanwhile, yesterday I ordered a Banoffee Pie blend. I think it’s now our new favorite. Even with only a quarter sugar it didn’t taste weird and was still very yummy. I liked the crumbs (graham crumbs, methinks) at the bottom of the mix. I love banana a lot, and after letting C have a taste he said he’d start ordering Banoffee Pie instead of Chocolate Truffle next time.

I’ll have to try the other flavors too!

Salad and soup at Uncle Cheffy

Just to break the semi-serious and semi-delirious posts on my personal life, I come with two of my favorite dishes from Uncle Cheffy. I’m lucky that they’re basically just a street away from where I work so when I’m not in saving mode, C and I can choose to have lunch there. Which is how we started this year (yes, this is a back-log post that until today was waiting to happen)! Some diet-friendly soup and salad from Uncle Cheffy.  Continue readingSalad and soup at Uncle Cheffy

End-of-the-year Tagaytay Datetrip

I’ve been wanting to get out of the city for a long time now, and I’ve honestly been feeling sick getting cooped up in the middle of all these buildings and of everything familiar. I confessed to C that I wanted to just get a ticket to somewhere and then fly out spontaneously, without plans and with no warnings. After all, despite my tendency to plan every little thing, from the length of time to get from one place to another to a list of things I could possibly do in a place, I still haven’t lost my moments of impulsiveness. It gets worse when I get antsy or restless or I’m sad or angry or depressed over some things (like a friendship issue I argued with C the other day).

C knows how I feel about these things (and how to cheer me up, I guess), so he said that maybe I should take a day off and we can have that day-trip (date-trip!) to Tagaytay (or Manila, but I said Manila is still too much of a “city” for me). Tagaytay isn’t a beach or a plane ride to somewhere, but it’s not like we could go abroad (maybe next time, because I’m also the type of person who’d just love to get at ticket for a trip that’s a few days away without anything much planned except for a specific destination or two I’d try to figure my way to. I’m thinking it wouldn’t be so bad to impulsively book a flight to Thailand (Bangkok) or HK or Singapore a few days or a week before, since I did that when I went to Phuket! No reservations and everything. And I got conned, but that’s a story for a different day and a lesson never to be repeated again!).

So we took off on a small “adventure”. We said we’d have lunch at Sonya’s Garden (whose website needs some major revamping IMHO),  without reservations (and at this time of the year, when everyone’s going on vacations and trips! Basically we’re in a “come what may” mode), and then just chill in Tagaytay, wherever we end up going.

You know it’s when you can spend 12+ hours together with one other person, mostly stuck in the car, but you still enjoy talking and making jokes and listening to a podcast and getting lost but still end up feeling like you just had the best trip ever that you realize, well, you probably make a good couple.  Continue readingEnd-of-the-year Tagaytay Datetrip

Off Beat: Home of the Donut Burger

C and I dropped by Fully Booked at High Street for a book launch of a project which Kasey and Create.PH worked on. We were all hungry so we decided to grab a quick dinner and C wanted to go to Krispy Creme because, he said, they sell donut burgers now. He just saw one on Facebook. I wasn’t really keen on having donuts for dinner, so I was grateful they have this sausage and cheese baked bread. There weren’t any donut burgers though.

So in the car, I was asking him if he’s sure the picture he saw was an ad. I was even making fun of him, saying he’s gullible thinking just because there’s a photo there it’s an official ad already. Since there was no logo or copy on the picture. He showed me the photo on Facebook, and how the description said the donuts were from Krispy Kreme so he just assumed it was official.

After that quick dinner, we dropped by the Collective for a post-prod company’s Christmas party and lo and behold…

found at the Collective in Makati

It’s so freaky-funny how all this happened in one night (looking for the donut burger, arguing at the existence of it, then finally Off Beat proving us that it exists).

Dinner with friends at Yabu: House of Katsu

seaweed appetizer

C and I met up with Angelica and Kasey to have some dinner at Yabu: House of Katsu (2nd Floor Atrium, Megamall). I work in Ortigas but I didn’t even know of the restaurant until Kasey texted raving about it. After reading Carina’s blog entry about it, I became more excited to eat there! (Although funny enough, even though I “prepared” and didn’t eat much before our 8pm dinner even if I was already starving, I only managed to eat maybe a fourth of the whole set C and I got. C got lucky he ended up enjoying most of it, haha). Continue readingDinner with friends at Yabu: House of Katsu

Tea and more at Raintree

Two weeks ago, C and I tried getting milk tea from Raintree Teapresso Blends near White Plains (exact address: 141 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignatius Village, QC). It’s right before the intersection to Katipunan Ext., if you’re going towards Ateneo.

I got curious because Gail mentioned how she loved going there with her dad. I ordered their Jasmine milk tea while C got one of the dessert blends: Chocolate Truffle. And then because it was around lunchtime and I was really hungry, I got one of their vegetarian mozzarella sandwiches (I’m not vegetarian, but I’m not a meat person. I really love cheese and vegetables).

We both loved our orders so much, we went back in the evening of the same day. Great blends, yummy sandwiches (and desserts), and very friendly staff! They have Wi-Fi, comfy chairs and a pleasant atmosphere inside the cafe. It’s really a perfect place to chill out in the afternoons or evenings (they’re open from 10am to 12md!). Especially if you’re on the way home from work, if you pass by White Plains.

Continue readingTea and more at Raintree

Dinner at Kenji Tei, Greenbelt 5

Before going to C’s brother’s birthday at Salon de Ning in The Peninsula Manila, C and I first had dinner at Kenji Tei in Greenbelt 5. We were walking to DataBlitz to buy the gift (Skyrim, if that’s important) and I saw the words “ramen” on the window display of the restaurant so I immediately blurted out, “do you want ramen for dinner?”

So that’s how we ended up eating really good ramen that night (which, according to C, is quite close to the taste of ramen in Japan — authenticity points!). Continue readingDinner at Kenji Tei, Greenbelt 5

A carnivorous 31st

Korean beef at Cafe 1771

Had a halloween dinner with a few friends at Cafe 1771 for the 31st, and I tried to go as River Tam, from Firefly. Too bad none of them have watched Firefly before, because only I got what made my clothes still sort-of River’s. Getting Zacky curious and interested in the series gives a point for me, though!

It was such a carnivorous dinner because aside from the desserts, we only had Korean beef and lamb for the night.


I’m not sure I’m a lamb person (not because I’m into sheep) because I really much preferred the Korean beef.

All the while, even though I was enjoying dinner, I was mostly looking forward to finishing our main dishes so that we could get to my favorite part of any meal — dessert!

strawberry cheesecake from Cafe 1771

The cake also had macarons. Macarons which I really loved, which Cafe 1771 also sold, for Php25 a piece. And it’s so near my office, dammit. Why am I always surrounded by sinful food!