Dinner with friends at Yabu: House of Katsu

seaweed appetizer

C and I met up with Angelica and Kasey to have some dinner at Yabu: House of Katsu (2nd Floor Atrium, Megamall). I work in Ortigas but I didn’t even know of the restaurant until Kasey texted raving about it. After reading Carina’s blog entry about it, I became more excited to eat there! (Although funny enough, even though I “prepared” and didn’t eat much before our 8pm dinner even if I was already starving, I only managed to eat maybe a fourth of the whole set C and I got. C got lucky he ended up enjoying most of it, haha).

I couldn’t stop eating the potato salad!

We ordered appetizers while waiting for Kasey, and I really loved the seaweed + potato salad set. I forgot what they’re called, but that’s what they are. I couldn’t stop eating! It tastes extra good when you eat it together with the seaweed. I ate most of it, which is why I ended up eating less of the actual meal. :P

I like how customers are involved with preparing their food by grinding the sesame seeds and C and Angelica got really into it. Angelica mostly because she became too engrossed with the task that she wouldn’t notice us talking to her. Haha.

assorted seafood katsu set

C and I shared an assorted seafood katsu set. We weren’t sure if sharing was allowed but, seriously, I only had like two or three pieces of katsu that we were far from abusing anything. :P They have unlimited miso soup and cucumber but everyone was too full for second servings.

It was a fulfilling dinner not just for my stomach but also with catching up with friends. I haven’t seen Kasey since graduating, and last night we were able to talk about web and design. She’s designing websites now. It’s funny how me, Kasey, and Mika (we were all creative directors from the same college org) are sort-of switching from each others’ jobs. I want to get into programming (and Mika graduated from Computer Science). Mika wants to try Advertising again (and she’s working as a web designer now). Kasey is currently doing and learning web designing (she graduated from Comm, so she has a background on Advertising). I guess that’s how you can say design just shifts and mutates into different forms. :) Cool, yes?


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