Just to break the semi-serious and semi-delirious posts on my personal life, I come with two of my favorite dishes from Uncle Cheffy. I’m lucky that they’re basically just a street away from where I work so when I’m not in saving mode, Charlie and I can choose to have lunch there. Which is how we started this year (yes, this is a back-log post that until today was waiting to happen)! Some diet-friendly soup and salad from Uncle Cheffy. 

(On a side-note, I dislike Uncle Cheffy’s branding. Every time I see it I wish they’d change it. I can’t bring myself to like it because the font doesn’t give the same vibe as the mood of the restaurant or even the food they serve. It looks like a diner font but what you really get are some darla pizza, yummy salads, and really good though somewhat pricey food.)

Pumpkin Flower Soup with Shrimp, Php 95
Molino Salad, Php 150

The molino salad is one of my favorites because it has some fruit salad with the root vegetables and fish. It’s really, really good. Their Uncle Cheffy salad with the fried pork belly is great too, but it’s a tad unhealthier (I think) than fish. :P

1 thought on “Salad and soup at Uncle Cheffy

  1. masarap din yung pizza nila, yung may tomatoes and sprouts sa side at yung fish with pasta. alfalfa sprouts din pala yung tawag dun sa root vegetables na minention mo. :)

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