In which C buys me gifts I don’t deserve

Some days I’m not the best person to love, and this week was one of those. Despite all the tiny fights and arguments we’ve had (mostly because I’ve been feeling, as I’ve mentioned, grumpy and discontent with other things in life), C got me some gifts today!

Last month we went to MUJI at High Street and when I saw all the tights they sold, I wanted to buy them all! Well, I can’t have everything (yet)  but C got me three colors tonight.

Grey (heat control), Brown (mix good fit), Dark Red (mix good fit)

I LOVE warmth. In fact, I really need it. I get so cold easily I’d probably die in either of the poles. Just holding halo-halo makes my fingers red and puffy. That’s how much I can’t adapt easily to the cold. But I also hate wearing pants, so with these I’ll NEVER have to wear pants ever again! (Just kidding. Although my old skinny jeans from four years ago are kinda…not so skinny on my legs anymore. Either I got thinner a bit or the jeans widened a little with age.)

Blueberry and Mint candy

I also wanted these, so C bought them for me too. They taste sooo good. Better than other mint-candies you’d want to have after a meal. I’m a blueberry lover (I have Blueberry body spray) and I really dig their candy form. Mint just makes it unexpectedly perfect.

wallet from Charles and Keith

Then I bought myself a feel-good gift — a new wallet, because my old one was breaking apart. I used to have a red wallet, but this brown and denim mix was a win for me and C. Retail therapy, yay!

I’ll seriously make up for it next week. Been such a moody person all week, there almost wasn’t a day when I didn’t sour grape over something. Boo, bad weeks. I’ve decided to become more focused this week, be less emotional, become more sensitive, and just keep on doing my best when it comes to positive feelings. C says he misses happy me.


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