In which C buys me gifts I don’t deserve

Some days I’m not the best person to love, and this week was one of those. Despite all the tiny fights and arguments we’ve had (mostly because I’ve been feeling, as I’ve mentioned, grumpy and discontent with other things in life), C got me some gifts today!

Last month we went to MUJI at High Street and when I saw all the tights they sold, I wanted to buy them all! Well, I can’t have everything (yet)  but C got me three colors tonight.

Grey (heat control), Brown (mix good fit), Dark Red (mix good fit)

I LOVE warmth. In fact, I really need it. I get so cold easily I’d probably die in either of the poles. Just holding halo-halo makes my fingers red and puffy. That’s how much I can’t adapt easily to the cold. But I also hate wearing pants, so with these I’ll NEVER have to wear pants ever again! (Just kidding. Although my old skinny jeans from four years ago are kinda…not so skinny on my legs anymore. Either I got thinner a bit or the jeans widened a little with age.) Continue readingIn which C buys me gifts I don’t deserve

A first day well spent (literally)

It feels good to have spent the first day of January with my family — a visit to my grandmother — and then we went to Eastwood to have really early dinner at MyThai, sat two hours at Happy Lemon (with our tea, of course) just sharing stories, and then shopping for another two hours. Went home full: my belly was filled with Thai food I’ve been craving for months and some milk tea, my heart was full of appreciation for my family, with a bonus of a shoe-full shopping bag. :)

I love listening to my mom’s stories and this evening she was talking about her friends from high school (since they just met up lately). Her conversations with her friends (their kids getting older, their kids dating, my mom advocating driving lessons, more stories about how they handle their ‘kids’ — who are, really, just me and my brother’s age or older) remind me of my friendship with my own high school friends (Lles, Gail, and Ruby, I’m looking at you guys!). Lately, or at least for the past year, we’d talk mostly about boyfriends or love because we’re at the certain point in our short, meager existence wherein our love-lives have taken center stage. I imagined us older and sharing stories about whatever it was that we’re all preoccupied with in the future.

Listening to my mom talk about her friends reminded me that I’m lucky to have something similar with my friends. It’s comforting to know that there will always be this group of girls who can relate to my problems, who I could discuss love and thoughts and ask advice from. They’re a group of friends I could always go back to even though we don’t see each other regularly. They’re a group of friends I can trust because we’ve never given up on each other after all these years. We’ll all grow older together while sharing moments in our lives with each other. In spite of the possibility that we’d find ourselves “alone” in life — well, we’ll never be. :)

I feel content and happy today. Retail shopping is the cherry on top of a good day (I mean, I’m excessively glad I finally found the perfect black wedges and yellow flats I’ve been searching for, for such a long time now). But what I’m really thankful for is my family which, although imperfect, is a family I’m lucky to have.

My life is like a pack of Fruit Bowl Jelly Belly

I was with C the whole day yesterday, and both of us felt that it was such an amazing day even though we mostly ate, walked around, talked, laughed, and admired exhibits. It was a day of food tripping, window shopping, notebook shopping, and museum-going. (So, just as a warning: this is the longest post on a date I’ve ever blogged about. Mostly because we did so many things in less than 24 hours together!)

Because of the UPCAT, C arrived at my house pretty late (he got stuck for 30 minutes just trying to take a U-turn in Katipunan), and with a bag of onion rings from Burger King. We left the house as soon as he picked me up because we planned on having lunch at Bonchon Chicken in Greenbelt (why so far away? We were also going to see if C could pick up his VANS shoes that he won from the We Love Post 2nd Anniversary Party. Unfortunately, they said they weren’t ready yet, but we pushed through with our museum date + everything else date anyway). We just wanted to know what the fuss was all about when it came to Bonchon Chicken since EVERYONE in my lil’ circle o’planet was singing the restaurant odes and praises.

AND WHAT WAS THE FUSS ALL ABOUT? OMG. IT’S BETTER THAN JOLLIBEE CHICKENJOY!  Continue readingMy life is like a pack of Fruit Bowl Jelly Belly

Bangkok shopping bliss

I was at Bangkok for only two full days (I wasn’t originally part of this trip but my mom, aunt, and cousin let me tag along!) and with that short amount of time, I didn’t try to contact or meet up with my Thai friends I made from my semester in Singapore last year. I’m planning on going back again to Bangkok though, when the opportunity arises, and that time I’ll make my stay longer so I could find my Thai friends. :P

For this trip though, the only sight-seeing we did was to visit the Palace. My mom and my aunt had this Thai cooking lesson but for me and my cousin, the rest was shopping history. This wasn’t my first time to go to Thailand. Last year I’ve gone to Phuket (Krabi Town and Railay Island) right during the Thai New Year and loved that trip so much. It was my first time backpacking with a person I’ve just met, too. I already loved Thailand ever since that one trip so I was very much looking forward to this trip. Continue readingBangkok shopping bliss

Color loyalty?

colors I have right now

I splurged on nail polish this summer. Not that I have a diverse collection to begin with, but this really is the only time in my life that I’ve played with painting nails this much.

There’s actually a reason why I’ve never really painted my nails so much before! Well, naturally in high school we weren’t allowed to paint our nails so I didn’t care for it much. Then my mom told me not to paint my nails either. And I’m normally an obedient person, to an extent, even if it’s not logical to follow someone’s orders anymore (weakness, yikes!) SO up until college, I haven’t really tried painting my nails. Only a few times. The very first time, Jamie painted them and I kept saying my nails were being de-virginized. Then Anna Lou gave me dark blue nail polish because she didn’t like dark colors. And then Jamie painted my nails a shade of blue at the end of my last semester in college. So after grad, I just…splurged. (Because now that I’ve graduated…I’m more ‘adult’ and don’t have to follow what my mom told me years ago anymore?)

I was deciding on what colors I like on my nails and I narrowed it down to five:

  1. Aqua blue (when we went to Cebu)
  2. Non-neon yellow (the Banana Drama one I got from BAYO)
  3. The dark purple from Etude House
  4. Light pink (I got the bottle I have now for forty bucks, but I really like the shade)
  5. Clear (I wonder if I should say I narrowed the list down to ‘four’ colors because ‘clear’ isn’t really a color?)

And my favorite would be light pink! I wonder if I could just match that with everything I’m wearing for a couple of weeks! I had it since last week and then tried to change the color yesterday (light blue) and today (a shade of orange) but they both felt meh for me. I don’t think I’d want to put the other colors on for a while, not unless they’re going to really match what I’m wearing. Otherwise, hello pink for me. :D

Wow, a nail-polish only post. I would never have seen this coming, if this was me last year blogging. Ha!

Summer nail colors!

This summer, I’ve been looking for some cute colors for my nails. There are two that I particularly liked. The first is a bluish-green color that I had on while I was on vacation in Cebu. I was swimming at Kawasan Falls with my nails painted and I was having very vain moments admiring the aqua-green color underwater. No, really, it was very pretty!

blueish-green nail color

bluish-green nail color

I bought it on impulse when I was walking around SM department store and it was really cheap (thirty bucks, WTH!? I bought a bunch of other colors just to try them on, but this one I liked most), so I was impressed that it lasted me four days! I didn’t even put a topcoat. I didn’t bring my nail things (so I could paint my nails again when it starts getting scraped off) but it only started to get ruined on my last day (I stayed four days, then went home on the fifth). That, or I’m just good with keeping it neat?

Then the other color, which I’m wearing now is called Banana Drama, how cute is that? I bought it from BAYO and it’s a pale yellow color:








Now I can say I literally, all-for-real, true-to-life, in-real-life have not much money. But I have a panda hat.

Before I made this ridiculous purchasing decision, let me spam my blog more with useless pics I took of other souvenir/merchandise from the Night Safari. Continue readingWARNING: CAPSLOCK

I still die at the sight of sheep

and there are many sheep here in Singapore! Not real sheep but it’s so hard to resist spending money when it concerns these cute, fluffy creatures that I never got over.

a plush-transforming-to-pillow sheep!!!
a plush-transforming-to-pillow sheep!!! cost me around $16

I just had to inflict a premature state of poverty buy buying that pillow. There was a cute top I wanted to buy but it cost $13 and I wanted to save so I didn’t buy it BUT WHEN I SAW THIS, ALL RATIONALITY I JUST THREW OUT THE WINDOW.

This was last Sunday, when we went to Golden Village to watch Sherlock Holmes (which was just awesome, btw. I want my own copy of that movie. I really loved the editing because they used jump-cuts, I think, in a way that doesn’t throw the viewer off. PLUS. HELLO. ROBERT DOWNEY JR. AND JUDE LAW. The women in the movie didn’t have lines that could have gone on par with Downey and Law, which made their characters less interesting, unfortunately.). I splurged on the sheep pillow (IT TRANSFORMS FROM THAT PICTURE I TOOK), a couple of postcards and a small pencil case (because it is always $2 at DAISO, I ended up…buying).

My cousin also treated me to mango sago! Their mango doesn’t taste like Philippine mangoes (which is still the best!). I thought it tasted like peach, haha.

mango with pink and green sago!
mango with pink and green sago!

There were many useless things I wanted to buy like this:

a panda bank!
a panda bank!

but it was ridiculously expensive and I had a student budget. SHEEP PILLOW WON, HANDS-DOWN.

Continue readingI still die at the sight of sheep