blueish-green nail color

Summer nail colors!

This summer, I’ve been looking for some cute colors for my nails. There are two that I particularly liked. The first is a bluish-green color that I had on while I was on vacation in Cebu. I was swimming at Kawasan Falls with my nails painted and I was having very vain moments admiring the aqua-green color underwater. No, really, it was very pretty!

blueish-green nail color

bluish-green nail color

I bought it on impulse when I was walking around SM department store and it was really cheap (thirty bucks, WTH!? I bought a bunch of other colors just to try them on, but this one I liked most), so I was impressed that it lasted me four days! I didn’t even put a topcoat. I didn’t bring my nail things (so I could paint my nails again when it starts getting scraped off) but it only started to get ruined on my last day (I stayed four days, then went home on the fifth). That, or I’m just good with keeping it neat?

Then the other color, which I’m wearing now is called Banana Drama, how cute is that? I bought it from BAYO and it’s a pale yellow color:



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