A List of Windows Phone Apps I Could Use

Ever since C bought his Lumia 520, I’ve been justifying to myself why I wouldn’t mind switching to a W8 Phone. It’s like selling an idea to yourself, hahahaha. So I helped him (or myself) find a list of pretty Windows 8 apps that could be useful and/or fun to have: 

First the official apps I didn’t realise were in the store: 

And then some: 

Simply Weather

I think I have something like this on my iPhone (if not the iOS version of the same app). I couldn’t figure out how to change location/unit though.

Pic Stitch

I linked this to C because he uses a pic-stitching app on his iPad. I have Instaframes on my iPhone but I’ve never used it. This isn’t free though. 


I thought this one was really pretty and simple, though the first time I tried it on C’s Lumia520, it seemed a bit buggy. Lovely colors though and even if there are only a few filters, they’re enough and pretty similar to Instagram.


RSS reader! :D Since there’s no official Pulse app, this is a good alternative.


Pocket client.

7 Minute Workout

This is just something C got but hey, it looks quite pretty. :) 


Not yet available in the PH store :( But I’ll maybe wait for it. 


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