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  • One day with a Nokia 520

    One day with a Nokia 520

    JJ saw me using my phone and said, “Do you have the same phone as C?” YES. YES I DO NOW. Because I mentioned it to my mom, and told her how my iPhone 4S is broken (and the people said they can’t fix the wifi), and that this Lumia 520 is only P7k. So…

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  • A List of Windows Phone Apps I Could Use

    A List of Windows Phone Apps I Could Use

    Ever since C bought his Lumia 520, I’ve been justifying to myself why I wouldn’t mind switching to a W8 Phone. It’s like selling an idea to yourself, hahahaha. So I helped him (or myself) find a list of pretty Windows 8 apps that could be useful and/or fun to have:  First the official apps…

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  • Lumia 520

    Lumia 520

    I want to get a Windows 8 Phone. I really do. C just bought the cheap Lumia 520 (it cost 7k in Greenhills) and it’s really cute (the plastic looks better than Samsung’s stupid silver borders on the S4). I used the phone for a bit and decided that like the Windows UI more than Android’s…

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