I still die at the sight of sheep

and there are many sheep here in Singapore! Not real sheep but it’s so hard to resist spending money when it concerns these cute, fluffy creatures that I never got over.

a plush-transforming-to-pillow sheep!!!
a plush-transforming-to-pillow sheep!!! cost me around $16

I just had to inflict a premature state of poverty buy buying that pillow. There was a cute top I wanted to buy but it cost $13 and I wanted to save so I didn’t buy it BUT WHEN I SAW THIS, ALL RATIONALITY I JUST THREW OUT THE WINDOW.

This was last Sunday, when we went to Golden Village to watch Sherlock Holmes (which was just awesome, btw. I want my own copy of that movie. I really loved the editing because they used jump-cuts, I think, in a way that doesn’t throw the viewer off. PLUS. HELLO. ROBERT DOWNEY JR. AND JUDE LAW. The women in the movie didn’t have lines that could have gone on par with Downey and Law, which made their characters less interesting, unfortunately.). I splurged on the sheep pillow (IT TRANSFORMS FROM THAT PICTURE I TOOK), a couple of postcards and a small pencil case (because it is always $2 at DAISO, I ended up…buying).

My cousin also treated me to mango sago! Their mango doesn’t taste like Philippine mangoes (which is still the best!). I thought it tasted like peach, haha.

mango with pink and green sago!
mango with pink and green sago!

There were many useless things I wanted to buy like this:

a panda bank!
a panda bank!

but it was ridiculously expensive and I had a student budget. SHEEP PILLOW WON, HANDS-DOWN.

Being the geek that I was, I visited the library today and refused to not be able to borrow a couple of books. When my library card didn’t work, I went to the counter for inquiries and was able to take out: 2 graphic design books, Some Rain Must Fall by Michel Faber, and a collection of poems by e.e. cummings.

yes, that's my new sheep in pillow form!
yes, that’s my new sheep in pillow form!

Today felt like I was a freshman again: getting lost in a new school, not knowing anybody, being shy to ask, etc. Though I have this suppressed urge to just randomly talk to people I see on the bus, bus stop, the small convenience shop on the residences, etc.

I’m totally loving living alone (minus the student budget I have on everything, because sometimes I do miss eating a whole meal instead of my loaves of bread that I bought to save money). I miss my friends but dorm life is so new to me. 8D I want to just study abroad more! Haha.


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