Going around places on the second day made me realize how much I wanted to buy and how little I actually had for spending. Now, I’m always thinking of money-money when I buy things (converting them into pesos just to know if it’s expensive or not). My biggest cut-off is on food because really, compared to Manila, food here is expensive. You don’t have drinks that go with them so you’re really just paying for the food itself for the price of twice a regular Manila meal. :( In short, nothing is cheap in Singapore. NOTHING.

My second day started with an affordable brunch and ended with dinner I shared with Tata so we could half it. I was itching to do some accounting because I didn’t have time earlier during the day. As soon as we got back from the hotel that morning, I took a bath (WE GOT LOST/MISSED A STOP SO WE HAD TO WALK A LOT A LOT A LOT SO I REALLY NEEDED THAT BATH) and fixed/cleaned my room. Then we were off to explore a bit of NUS (now we know where the buses at PGP are) for the orientation and registration the next day. After which we went to Orchard Road to get all my dollars converted.

Then we looked for things for Tata. It was a nice (expensive) department store but it had so many cute things. I wanted to buy this toothbrush holder they sold at the kid’s section but I wasn’t going to spend bloody 8S$ for one when I have other more important things to worry about. BUT THERE WAS A PANDA ONE AND I WANTED TO HAVE IT. I wanted to buy a pencil case too because I don’t have one but I’ll go pencil-case-less for a while before I even think about it (THERE WAS THIS SHEEP DESIGN AT KINOKUNIYA BUT DAMN MONIES!). I wanted stickers too. :(

Then dinner.

And then another train ride going home. Where we walked a lot again because we had to find out how to get to the bus stop on the other side of the highway so we looked for the pedestrian lane (on the way we discovered that the shops below the Buona Vista Station are cheaper so we can afford a couple of things there). Everything involved a lot of walking and walking and moving from one station to another to get to different rails that by the end of the day I was just plain exhausted.

so tired from days of walking :(
so tired from days of walking :(

Before sleeping, I set up an excel file for account (WHICH I’M REALLY PROUD OF BECAUSE I’M NOT EXCEL SAVVY). And then I was too exhausted to do much else.

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