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I splurged on nail polish this summer. Not that I have a diverse collection to begin with, but this really is the only time in my life that I’ve played with painting nails this much.

There’s actually a reason why I’ve never really painted my nails so much before! Well, naturally in high school we weren’t allowed to paint our nails so I didn’t care for it much. Then my mom told me not to paint my nails either. And I’m normally an obedient person, to an extent, even if it’s not logical to follow someone’s orders anymore (weakness, yikes!) SO up until college, I haven’t really tried painting my nails. Only a few times. The very first time, Jamie painted them and I kept saying my nails were being de-virginized. Then Anna Lou gave me dark blue nail polish because she didn’t like dark colors. And then Jamie painted my nails a shade of blue at the end of my last semester in college. So after grad, I just…splurged. (Because now that I’ve graduated…I’m more ‘adult’ and don’t have to follow what my mom told me years ago anymore?)

I was deciding on what colors I like on my nails and I narrowed it down to five:

  1. Aqua blue (when we went to Cebu)
  2. Non-neon yellow (the Banana Drama one I got from BAYO)
  3. The dark purple from Etude House
  4. Light pink (I got the bottle I have now for forty bucks, but I really like the shade)
  5. Clear (I wonder if I should say I narrowed the list down to ‘four’ colors because ‘clear’ isn’t really a color?)

And my favorite would be light pink! I wonder if I could just match that with everything I’m wearing for a couple of weeks! I had it since last week and then tried to change the color yesterday (light blue) and today (a shade of orange) but they both felt meh for me. I don’t think I’d want to put the other colors on for a while, not unless they’re going to really match what I’m wearing. Otherwise, hello pink for me. :D

Wow, a nail-polish only post. I would never have seen this coming, if this was me last year blogging. Ha!

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