What I Wore Yesterday

This is  a very self-centered vanity post. Consider yourself warned.

Since I haven’t been regularly blogging, here’s a backlog of some outfits since January:

January 26, at one of the Gonzaga classrooms. Photo taken by James Magalong. We were getting stressed with thesis, so I was like, “can you take pictures of me? :P”
January 28, Gonzaga 3rd Floor. Those hellish days. My personal life was a mess and I was an emotional wreck but thesis had to be finished and vanity pics taken. ;D Thanks again to James Magalong! Dakilang photographer ng mga babae sa block! Haha. I haven’t been wearing those yellow wedges. I kinda miss them.
Early February. I’m not really a poster girl. But we had this freedom wall at the entrance of the exhibit of the ID seniors, and there was a wooden block right in front, perfect for sitting. This was a dress I bought in Singapore last year for $5 SGD! Photo taken by James Magalong.
My top is actually polka-dotted but it’s hard to see here. Photo taken by James Magalong.
March 23. Blue Roast at the Ateneo. I was wearing my canvas boots with this. On my neck is a bracelet-turned-necklace haha. I love this leopard-print top. And the shorts. Photo taken by James Magalong.
It was really cold in Tagaytay. The scarf and stockings barely kept me warm. Boo. I grabbed the animal-print top from my mom’s closet, haha.


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