Life is a Bowl of Blueberries

April is almost over. I’ve done a lot of relaxing, going out, basically vacationing. I’m starting to feel much better these days, actually. More optimistic. Happier. Ready to see more people.

What I’ve been up to so far:

  • Boracay: April 6-8. Haven’t been to the beach in ages, and it was the first time I went to Boracay. Pigged out on food, went swimming and sunbathing, got drunk. A good start for April, I say.
  • Rockwell date with Lles and Gail: April 9. Korean lunch and a lot of catching up. I love my friends. :)
  • Ice skating at MOA: April 11. C’s birthday. I am still as stiff on ice as ever. And I will forever be amazed at how hard Korean dramas try to pull off “accidental” kisses (or moments) on ice.
  • Baking: so much more baking, mostly cookies. Just before March ended, I baked strawberry shortcake cookies. This April, I tried another kind of strawberry cookie recipe. This was followed by a strawberry/nutella/cheese french toast, German apple pancakes, and a blueberry phase: lemon cookies with blueberry cream and another kind of blueberry cookies.
  • Shopping: bought some slippers, wedges, summery clothes, and dresses. I have this really lovely dress but I’m actually trying to find an occasion to wear it to. It’s good for an expensive dinner, or maybe as a cocktail dress for a party. There’s another black lace dress that I got which had a nice cut and emphasizes curves nicely. I’m still itching to buy more shoes. I’m very picky and I look for colors or styles that I don’t have yet. I love shopping for shoes because they’re not as seasonal as clothes.
  • Tagaytay overnight: April 16-17. A late celebration of C’s birthday with his friends. Awesome breakfast and two days of fun. :) We ended up bringing the “party” to Mushroom Burger’s playground, haha.
  • Holy Spring Cleaning: Holy Week was spent “spring cleaning.” Basically, my room is not as messy as it had been for one whole year.
  • Reading: had time to finally read again! I bought some new books: A Lover’s Discourse by Roland Barthes and Two Birds & Get Stoned by Kinky Friedman. I re-read North & South, my favorite classic British lit.
  • How I Met Your Mother Season 6 marathon: April 25-26. Catching up with the season is the best way to cheer up when you’re feeling down. I almost forgot how much I loved this show.
  • Dates, movies, dinners, meeting up with other friends.

I’ve been feeling better in general, and I’m also starting to feel more inspired. I’ve been coming up with a list of things I want to design for myself, so I guess pretty soon I’ll be back in the game and creating things again. I go through fashion blogs, design blogs, and I read poems almost every day. I’ve been catching up with a lot of sleep, too. So if this had been a month of self-conducted therapy, then I think I’m getting there. :)


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