A Doctor Who Party

I’m not used to planning surprise parties and OH MAN it is one of those more stressful/paranoid-inducing things a person can experience. Emile and I had our “HE-KNOWS!!!” moments, but C was so overwhelmed by the surprise that it was just so worth it.

It was C’s birthday last Thursday (11th) and I thought of maybe surprising him with a party at his place. But I couldn’t do it alone, so I got Emile to help me as co-host (and co-provider of food — i.e. alcohol and cocktails). He also picked up the customized Doctor Who cupcakes I ordered from Love Lots Cakes, so I really couldn’t have done it without him.

The Party Menu

  1. Doctor Who Cupcakes – c/o me
  2. “C Alexander” – black-russian inspired drinks by Emile
  3. The other cocktails – we were going along with the sonic screwdrivers, c/o Emile
  4. Fish and Chips (for fish fingers and custard) from MOMO – we only got two because of my budget, lol
  5. Vanilla pudding (because we couldn’t find just custard from the grocery, we got pudding as a substitute, hahaha)
  6. Carbonara – I originally wanted to order the Fetuccini (sp?) from Banapple, but I was getting short of money so I had our cook from Save22 cook for me instead. But I paid for the ingredients and everything. We ended up having too much of this. :P
  7. Chocolate cake – it had some coffee-tasting stuff. Sponsored by Angelica (from Cafe 1771)
  8. Popcorn




How the surprise happened 

A few weeks before the birthday:

  • I asked for a quote from Love Lots Cakes (you need around a month before the event so that Mel (the artist) can check if her schedule is free. It was P1.5k per dozen for my set of Doctor Who cupcakes, and I ordered two.
  • Messaged Emile to be my partner in crime because I really needed help to prepare everything and make sure it will seem like a “normal” day for C.
  • Set up a FB event to invite some of C’s close friends. We couldn’t invite a lot more people mainly because we’re only having it at his condo, and we wouldn’t be able to fit everyone.
  • Ask permission from C’s brother. Since they shared the place, we had to make sure he’s ok with us having the party there. Luckily, a few days before the birthday, while Emile and I were preparing dinner (C was working) his brother was there and I got to ask if we could have a surprise party for him. He said ok, as long as we don’t spill stuff and keep the condo clean, and keep butts off the top of the sofa.

On the day:

I went to work as usual, but stayed only until lunch. As soon as the carbonara was cooked, I went to C’s place to meet up with Emile (who also just picked up the cupcakes). He parked his car in the condo parking, but opposite where C usually parked. Because they wouldn’t let him park on a different floor, I had to be sure that when C and I come in later in the evening, he wouldn’t notice the car. I got to the place first, so I dropped by National Bookstore to get some things:

  1. Blue velvet paper – which served as our “tablecloth”. They didn’t have the exact same shade of TARDIS blue, but it would have to do. I put it on the tables so we could “spill-proof” the area.
  2. POST-IT notes – I originally wanted a “freedom wall” for people to scribble in messages or draw stuff for C, but I didn’t want to stain the wall accidentally so I settled for post-it’s
  3. Markers – for the notes
  4. A white cartolina – for a huge greeting card

When Emile got there, we dropped off the cupcakes, alcohol, liqueur, and glasses at the condo before going to the grocery to buy additional stuff. I got some disposable utensils, and we bought some lemon, the vanilla pudding, additional mixers and vodka for the drinks. Right after paying, I got a cab to go back to Ortigas since I usually ride with C after work. It had to feel as NORMAL as possible.

One thing that wasn’t part of the plan: C’s car was coding. I had to text everyone to say that we’ll probably be arriving around 7.20 PM instead of the originally-planned 6.30 PM. All the while I was worrying that C would want to have dinner at Ortigas instead, since we’re going home later than usual. Good thing we had a late “merienda” at KFC, which meant he’d still be good for dinner afterward.

On the way home, he asked me, “What do you want for dinner?” and I could only say, “I’ll think about it later!”

On the way to the condo, Angelica also texted me asking where we were, and for some reason C chose it as the time to bug me about my text and what Angelica was messaging me for. Good thing I replied quickly about thanking her for the gloves she gave me, which I used in Shanghai. A conversation that actually happened, except it was a few days earlier. :P NICE SAVE.

But that didn’t stop me from worrying how I’m going to pull off the surprise successfully, because I was actually thinking, C KNOWS. lol.

Anyway, I HAD to make sure we didn’t go straight out for dinner after parking at the condo, so I told C I needed to poop first. I can’t say I wanted to pee, because you can just pee at any bathroom. But everyone knows you can only poop comfortably at your own place, or in a house/condo — not a public restroom.

So we were going up and I was updating Emile and Peter every minute. FINALLY we got to the floor and C opened his door and he noticed the post-it notes on the wall, but didn’t think much about it yet until everyone got to say, “SURPRISE” and someone opened the lights and C was successfully surprised, except it was so unexpected that he also thought: “Dammit, I was planning on working tonight.”

Later on, Anton and Paoie surprised us (again) by making us think they couldn’t go anymore. Cholo feigned having something wrong with his stomach and C accompanied him to the bathroom where Anton and Paoie surprised him with raisin bread from Baguio (lol).

AAAAAND, that was it. I am so relieved it’s over. :D Although we missed some people who weren’t able to go, everyone had fun. I’m so so thankful for Emile, Aldous, and Donna who helped with the preparations, and Cholo who also arrived early, and everyone else who made it. You guys made C a happy bear! :)


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