Good food is a good start

Tuk-bulgogipesto pastasalad with shrimp, mangoes, grapes, and lettuce

I’m starting the month of June right with all this good food! After a week of bread and instant ramen and salad-for-dinner at home, I finally got to eat “real” food! My mom took leave from work yesterday and made pesto pasta and some shrimp salad for lunch. Then, I had a late dinner date where we ate at Kogi in Eastwood. The Japchae was really tasty and oh so yummy, while the Tuk-Bulgogi was unexpectedly very delicious. The meat was soft and really, really good. I loved the soup too. The tofu was soft and everything just tasted so good. <3 I AM CONTENT.

This is me, but the eyeglasses aren't mine. :P


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