Conquering orals with style

It really is cold again now so I wore this cozy thrifted jacket that I so love, love, love. The sleeves were just so nice and the texture so comfy, and I’m sure I’ve blogged about this jacket before. It doesn’t help that I might still have slight fever so blegh. I was planning on staying in the library to work on thesis until late tonight but I ate Japanese food outside school so I got too lazy to go back. :)) Another splurge due to stress.

Philo orals with Bulaong is over. I’m sure I was only average because he only said “good” not excellent, unlike his feedback on JT. Ohwells. Here’s to hoping I still get a high-ish average for his class.

After everything (all deadlines due Saturday) I’m going to go shopping (I want more booties to go with my clothes, hahaha), and then of course, work on thesis. Can’t wait for sembreak! I’m going to see Indioboy again! Huzzah! I have a project lined up with them with a launch hopefully by the 2nd week of November SO WATCH OUT FOR IT! It’s going to be fucking exciting! I’m apparently still going to work with a prod group but not in the stressful PD way I didn’t always find so fun lately, hah.

(Oh and someone needs a haircut!)


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  1. cute shoes!

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