things are catching up

I’ve been holding out and/or waiting for projects since I quit working full-time for Save22 in July (I also no longer work freelance for them due to an onslaught of work), and finally everything caught up with me.

1. I found part-time work (still daily) at Eastwood, where I’m learning to make Phonegap stuff for Android, and Android/Mac problems are pretty weird sometimes. Like, for some reason I couldn’t detect the tablet from my Mac when I run the android app unless I check/uncheck the Developer and Application settings. It is still buggy sometimes, and I have no idea what causes things.

That and the last time I used an Android tablet was 2 years ago, when I still worked with Chikka, and we were doing this HTML5-JS/CSS-animation app thing.

(Since I have an iPad, I think Android tablets feel so weird to use, haha).

I’m thinking of buying myself a Nexus tablet for some new projects so I could practice, aside from maybe I might also have to buy an Android phone as well for this other project I’m going to do (web) UX for.

2. I’m still doing some UX-related freelancing with interesting groups, though schedules for these projects are less predictable than my part-time work. They are challenging work though, and most of the time I’m not really sure if I’m doing UX work properly (since coming from Save22, the extent of UX we do isn’t very structured and is more informal than anything).

3. I really hope all my work/projects sort-of stabilizes in a way that my schedule can eventually become predictable, but so far I’m trying to adjust as well as I can, I think.

4. My dates with C nowadays mean playing Guild Wars 2 together, haha. :P


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