it wasn’t really a love story

Over lunch, I shared that I found myself in IMDB, and that the short film in which I acted but never said anything, I played one half of a couple. My fake-boyfriend then is my now-boyfriend, except when we were doing that short (student) film (for their class), he was still together with his ex-girlfriend and that all the while I was chanting a mantra in my head: “Please don’t get angry, please don’t get angry, please don’t get angry.” 

So my office-mates asked, “Why?”

“Because I didn’t want his girlfriend to get jealous!”

“Did you do anything?”

“Huh? No!”

“Did you kiss?”


“Did you hold hands?”


“So you were portraying two people who dated but never touched?!” 

“There was hair-playing…and laughing…and two people talking…” 

“It’s like a long distance relationship.” 

To be honest it didn’t occur to me then — that we were portraying this odd couple who seemed to be happy but well, they weren’t really a couple because they never did any of those tiny, physical things that you’d expect from a couple and for all I know we merely looked like two friends talking and laughing. And that was it.

So wow, now I feel like that little short film wasn’t as sad as what I first imagined it was.