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  • Writing (again), LJ, and (now) DW

    Writing (again), LJ, and (now) DW

    Glossary: 1. LJ – LiveJournal (n.) A popular online community before Tumblr, before Facebook, before Instagram. Or maybe, it was popular only to a some niche groups (namely, individuals who were a fan of something). At sixteen, this was the place to be (online) — the place to make friends, the place to download music,…

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  • The more there is to miss

    The more there is to miss

    Nostalgia is a sickness that hits harder as I’ve grown older. Music is the worst offender. A few seconds in, the first few notes of music is all I need to trigger even the smallest wave of nostalgia all over. Today it was Utada Hikaru’s First Love while having tempura maki over dinner. It’s one…

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