‘Why We Broke Up’ is inspiring me to do a bunch of things

  1. Write. (my writing style is really simple and mediocre but maybe I have a voice and it’ll get somewhere)
  2. Go back to traditional art.

I have to prepare at least five artworks for a small exhibit thing next month and if anybody knows me, I’m not really an illustrator like Kasey or Rob or CSJ. I’ve tried drawing some simple vectors but I’m not amazing or popular or, well, I’ve never been featured for that so it’s obviously not my best trait and talent.

So my plan for the things I have to draw would be to try and go back and experiment with traditional art again. But not watercolors (because I suck and I can’t ever compete with artists like Jamie). I’ll try drawing with pastels and felt (like we did in high school) and maybe I’ll be able to create something worth putting up together with the talented people I work with (my greatest fear is bringing shame to the studio because…well, insecurity gnaws on me sometimes because I feel that I haven’t proven myself to be good enough yet). 

If that doesn’t go well, I’ll figure something out. 

Trying to make a schedule for unemployed days.

Far too much time is spent on procrastinating and getting sad. 

Srsbsns starts next week! 

My never-changing to-do: 

  • Design CV
  • Design & code online portfolio
  • Get thinner
  • Bake apple cookies

What do you do during your own unemployed days?