Lope: Camille, what’s the problem with *words-lost-in-air* Me: oh, the database! something went wrong with port 85 when I… Lope: no, wait, wait, we’re talking about the bathroom! Me: oh shit.
Ron: what, we’re in SMS? Ray/Lope/Other people: SURPRISE!!
Me: So I was playing this English-patched, fan-translated, Fire Emblem game from 2010, and I was comparing it to the Awakening demo. And well, the new one coming up has a better story; the older one was too linear and step-by-step — C: wait, stop. Me: huh? what is it? C: look at you, talking […]
*lobby calls* Ron: are we expecting a guy named J? Everyone: huh? No. Ron: *on the phone* no, we’re not expecting anybody. Lope: do you want me to go and check? Ron: ok. Three minutes later — Ron: Oh. My bad. It’s the SEO guy
Ron: Lope you missed out on some fun code merge otherwise your day would be even better Lope: wait, wdym by code merge? Me: THERE ARE SNACKS AGAIN IN THE KITCHEN! BANANAS Ray: thanks for the update, camille :D