I don’t think there’s any going back to what the world was before COVID. 2020 has forced people to move, forced some to stay, forced people to make decisions and hurled others into unexpected problems or setbacks. It forced people to adapt and change, or risk being left behind.

More than a week into 2021, I’m trying to get into my new ‘normal’:

  1. Cooking at home and learning new recipes
  2. Going on road trips and exploring new places
  3. Doing ‘some’ outdoor activities
  4. Buying physical books (!!!)
  5. Forcing myself to write down the conversations I keep in my head

I’ve spent most of 2020 trying to survive and cope. But I need to start growing again.


  1. It was a long journey for me before I felt comfortable cooking, but lockdown and work stress turned cooking into a destressor and something to look forward to. I could barely cook when I started dating my current boyfriend, but look where we are now ;)
  2. We are overcompensating from a hard Victoria lockdown.
  3. Trips with a primary ‘eating’ itinerary was less than ideal for the weight, hence we are slowly trying hiking.
  4. I can finally imagine myself settling down here, so I greenlit myself to start building a collection of physical books again.
  5. My friend did a tarot reading for me recently, and I was advised to get a hobby.

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