Dear You, Thank you for being concerned and being nice and kind when I don’t deserve it. You have a reason to get angry at me. You don’t have a reason to be nice at all. I’ve been running away from everything, but it’s time to take responsibility again. Especially for things that involve other […]
I read posts at LJsecret because sometimes I read good advice there. That, and there are things that make me think because it’s somehow significant to me in my life right now. This reply is an example: I have that problem. I have some theories as to why, but my therapist had one, also. He […]
Some days I go through my writing journal and I think to myself, “I can’t write like this anymore.” There was, at a point, when I was very young, I wanted to experience everything I read from books, saw in movies, heard from adults. I wanted things to happen to me because I knew the […]
You are going away, and what will I do without you? The role you’ve played in my life in the past year has grown bigger, in a way that I didn’t expect it to. You’ve been the person who held my hand and said, “Come with me, I want you there.” You’ve been the only […]