Minimalist =/= less work and effort

Been trying to close a deal with a potential client yesterday and he couldn’t understand why I would charge Php1.5k for each full-page chapter cover even when, he says, the design is really simple (Php1.5k/design is cheap already, btw). 

Quoting this article

Minimalist web designs are simple and conservative. They are basic, without clutter. The perception of the audience overrules the personal expression of the designer. This doesn’t mean that creating a minimal design requires less effort or expertise than a traditional design. Although simplicity is key, understanding the laws of minimalist design and working within them are necessary.

We kept going round and round the topic, and he kept saying he doesn’t understand, and bleh. I tweeted the article on twitter hoping he would see it, but this makes me consider this will be the only project I would ever have with them. 


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