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  • Flash Crunch-Time!

    Flash Crunch-Time!

    This was a mini flash project I submitted last July. I like flash, but maybe not as much as jQuery, haha. :D Okay, off to working on our last flash project!

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  • Trying to hype myself up

    Trying to hype myself up

    If anything, I enjoy learning. With all unadulterated honesty, I really do. For example, I love reading articles and I like researching — I just don’t like writing about them. So when we were making our image gallery project for Flash class, I was really getting into it. Haha. I wanted to do a lot…

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  • I want to work on thesis temporarily-for-forever

    I want to work on thesis temporarily-for-forever

    I am surviving with half a brain. Or, half a working brain. The traffic last night (due to the rain) was terrible; I got home late and I slept at 3am, and I have a 9pm meeting later and I’m not understanding any of my lectures. In Javascript class earlier, I couldn’t understand what we…

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  • AdStrat project over!

    AdStrat project over!

    Finally, our AdStrat presentation is done! We had our weakness but I think the prof liked our idea anyway. Which makes me excited because maybe advertising will actually be fun, if you’re working with the right people. My group mates are just awesome (except for one guy who was stupid enough to plagiarize his part…

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