Trying to hype myself up

If anything, I enjoy learning. With all unadulterated honesty, I really do. For example, I love reading articles and I like researching — I just don’t like writing about them.

So when we were making our image gallery project for Flash class, I was really getting into it. Haha. I wanted to do a lot of things for our project, like add different effects and such that were already in my vision, except I was limited by knowledge, skills, and time to actually execute what I had in mind. Even until the last minute, I wanted to add sound that until I got that code right, I continued working on it. I didn’t have to, and neither was it part of the requirements, but it just fit that I felt like I had to make it work no matter what. Anyway, in the end it turned out to be rather nice. If only my prof actually watched Doctor Who then he’d feel as ecstatic over it as we were (or as I was).

We’re making a kind of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure for our next group project and although I know it’s going to be squeezing the blood out of us again (especially coding!), I know it’s going to be worth it because really, it’s so much fun! I bookmarked a couple of Flash sites — some were cute, others were cool, and a few were just so damn awesome. I am so in love with this one mainly because IT HAS SHEEP IN IT!!! It’s such a great way to feel motivated. Like, I want to be able to make sites as awesome as these one day. Soon. Not too far from soon, hopefully.

I need to really start focusing on my thesis again. I’ll find some motivation for that — I need too. Except sometimes, things related to my course feel like a downer because I have issues with some…things related to it, haha.

There’s this thing I’m thinking about. If I should try joining it. I’ll probably be signing another death note and digging my own grave by doing that but it’s going to challenge myself and, well, so many things about myself. It’s going to be something new and I’m always attracted by new things. We’ll see.


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