Everything is a mistake after another

I’m starting to feel depressed about this. Temporarily, but depressing nonetheless. Imagine putting a price on two weeks of stress and sacrificing academics with it and really, I try not to think about it, but when I do, I just feel so horrible I want to cry. I really haven’t been thinking much about it. I just put it away in that far corner in my head, but when someone asked me this afternoon that single, significant question…

answering it was equal to admitting the truth and how I really felt about the whole thing. I feel worse only because I’ve accepted the fact that this sucks. Maybe he asked/knew because he was with me for at least a week when everything was happening and I looked my worst.

But it’s done. It’s over. I’m left with so much regret. I wish I wish, but no matter how I can’t turn back time anymore. I’m trying to look at some kind of bright side to this and there is, sort-of, except it’s the kind of light that’s way too far ahead in the tunnel that I have to stumble in the darkness for a long while before I reach it.

I just feel sad about everything. But like most broken hearts, time will make it feel better. Eventually these feelings of regret will fade and the lesson learned will be the only thorn that will remain.

Gawd, that sounds so dramatic. :'( Cry.