It’s autumn in other countries

while the weather is just weird here. Hot in the morning, heavy rain in the afternoon, then no rain again in the evening. It’s not yet cold enough for layering, black pants and thicker jackets, so I’m stuck with pieces that can be wearable even on the hot hours of the day with a jacket that’s not too thick to bring around. That’s what you get when you live in a tropical country.

I was going to wear pants but thinking that it would be hot for majority of the day, I wore the dress. It might be a dress-week this week, and I don’t feel bad about that at all. :D

I went for a hair spa at the salon and while waiting, I was leafing through Cosmo. There’s this article where they interviewed celebrities about their bodies. Some of them really go on a diet or to the gym or dance classes to keep their figure while others just adjust their diet when they need to. Some exercise because they don’t want to sacrifice the food they like to eat.

Me? I don’t exercise much, and I don’t sacrifice junk food and desserts either. :|

I was reading someone’s blog and she said that she’s really working on getting hotter. Going back to the gym and to her old trainer and everything. As much as I’d love to look awesome, I don’t have that kind of discipline. Or I’m not at that point yet — that I want to spend hours per week trimming down to get “hot.” I just want to look nicer. Better? But I should remind myself that yes, no pain no gain. Le sigh.


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