Bangkok shopping bliss

I was at Bangkok for only two full days (I wasn’t originally part of this trip but my mom, aunt, and cousin let me tag along!) and with that short amount of time, I didn’t try to contact or meet up with my Thai friends I made from my semester in Singapore last year. I’m planning on going back again to Bangkok though, when the opportunity arises, and that time I’ll make my stay longer so I could find my Thai friends. :P

For this trip though, the only sight-seeing we did was to visit the Palace. My mom and my aunt had this Thai cooking lesson but for me and my cousin, the rest was shopping history. This wasn’t my first time to go to Thailand. Last year I’ve gone to Phuket (Krabi Town and Railay Island) right during the Thai New Year and loved that trip so much. It was my first time backpacking with a person I’ve just met, too. I already loved Thailand ever since that one trip so I was very much looking forward to this trip. Continue readingBangkok shopping bliss