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  • Jack of all trades

    By the time I graduated 3 years ago, I’ve already had an idea of what I wanted to be: a designer who could build stuff. This was my main motivation in learning how to design and code (not only javascript, but also to be able to build stuff from ground up, like Rails, so I […]

  • Spark Camera on iOS (and circles on your interface)

    Spark Camera is free on the iOS App Store for a while, so C suggested that I download the app since it was really pretty for a video recorder+editor. I’m not used to taking videos, more less editing them, so I don’t think I did pretty well compared to C’s tests. It’s interesting because it seems […]

  • Resource sharing: a Design Basics module

    This is a quickly-gathered list of topics and links to give a simple overview and some foundation of design. I originally shared this with my teammates, but I’m putting it here for anyone who might want to check the list out. (This may not be the best list out there, but it is a quick […]

  • some good ideas wither under bad execution

    From a recent thread on the Philippine Web Designers group on Facebook, a site was brought to my attention: http://kristn.com/ I haven’t really browsed through the entire site yet. Upon landing on the page though, I had no idea what it was. All I saw was this sunshine of images I didn’t understand and promptly went […]

  • Designer who can code or programmer who can design?

    Some articles like “We don’t hire designers who can’t code” still make me realize how things have changed or wonder if there’s some kind of generation thing I can’t catch. I’ve always thought there were a lot of designers who can code. Have those people I grew up with just went on to pursue other […]