Resource sharing: a Design Basics module

This is a quickly-gathered list of topics and links to give a simple overview and some foundation of design. I originally shared this with my teammates, but I’m putting it here for anyone who might want to check the list out.

(This may not be the best list out there, but it is a quick overview or summary, if you wish, with the goal of pointing people towards the right direction.)

Design Basics

Intro to learning design –

Design – Visual and interactive communication

Visual design elements




a.hue – pure state (red/blue/green, etc.)

b.value – lightness or darkness

c.saturation – (intensity or chroma) brightness or dullness

– saturation levels for screen and print are different. i.e. what looks bright on Photoshop may not print at the same level of brightness

 4.value (relative lightness or darkness) – adds volume, feeling, creates mood

 5.texture – surface quality, roughness or smoothness

Design principles






Gestalt theory






(Read all here:

White Space


Grid systems


Book: Why we love to hate everyday things


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