Personal cultural highlights from our trip:
In between transitioning jobs, I asked C to go with me to Osaka (and tour the nearby prefectures) since it seemed like the perfect time for vacation for both of us. It was the first time I’ve visited Japan in summer (an earlier trip with family happened in May, just as spring was ending, where […]
I originally wanted to go to the Singapore Night Festival activities last night but it was so crowded I felt like I was sweating buckets in my skirt. Haha. It ended up being a night photo walk instead, as a test run for my LG G4.
Happy birthday, Singapore!
Walking from my office to C’s — sidewalks are narrow and everything is not very pedestrian-friendly. But like Ron says, you get used to the concrete, the smells, the puddles, the urban decay. First is the odd smell of the creek. There is a tiny karenderia right beside the creek (is it a creek, really? There’s […]
Yesterday I bought a Lumix LX7 (thanks to Peter) after hours of looking for one at Hidalgo. All the shops have run out of stock, save for a White one that they were selling at P16k (the black one was available for P14.5k in one store but like I said, they were already out of […]