words of advice

(1) it’s a struggle to focus on the reason why we choose to be virtuous if the ‘dishonest’ are the successful ones

(2) it boils down to dignity and self-respect, right? it may not advance your career, but then again it’s not something she has and will never comprehend as valuable

(3) she may have “friends”, “co-workers”, “clients”, but one can’t be a good wife/mother that a husband/children can respect. and dishonesty can’t stay hidden forever – like dead bodies! i’d bet you a free session that with every stunt she pulls that she is getting more paranoid that someone will find out she based her ideas on yours, that she isn’t as good as she seems to be in talent/personality

(4) lastly, ambition is admirable. but ambition where one sacrifices one’s principles is not only pathetic, but is one step away from committing a crime.