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  • words of advice

    words of advice

    (1) it’s a struggle to focus on the reason why we choose to be virtuous if the ‘dishonest’ are the successful ones (2) it boils down to dignity and self-respect, right? it may not advance your career, but then again it’s not something she has and will never comprehend as valuable (3) she may have…

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  • friday’s session

    friday’s session

    last friday’s session went pretty well. as well as I could manage because I wasn’t crying all over the place. i think what i’m supposed to be getting from these are just a clearer understanding (somewhat) of what happened to me and how, i suppose, i could explain everyone else’s motives. much of it means…

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  • Untitled post 3190

    How things are lately, as I’m supposed to update my doctor — C talked to Jopy apparently, and he told me only when I asked him what he was planning to do about…things (his friendship is making me feel betrayed, and my doctor says it’s part of what my expectations are, and rightly so, if…

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