Stop-motion in a world of books

Vicky shared this stop-motion video at her blog:

Wasn’t that just awesome? :D

You have to also visit and look at the production stills. It would be fantastic if I could do something amazing like this with my friends. The “stage” and everything was just…wow. The video was just so brilliantly made.

And down below old memories come alive

If there’s any other stop-motion out there worth spending some minutes watching it’s THIS. Even as an advertisement, this was pretty much genius. The stop-motion is not an original technique anymore BUT the challenge lies in how to use stop-motion to present something that can still be called unique.

This would have been perfect for the Island Creamery advertisement (for our Advertising Strategies project). I’m just saying.

Design Currency

I think this is an amazing video, promoting Design Week Vancouver whose theme is “Design Currency.” Although we were talking about transactional art in Cyber Arts class yesterday, this uses “currency” in a different context: value of design.

And it’s not that easy. When we went to the Singapore Art Museum and to another exhibit at Old School, I felt this immense difference between a genius artist and a design student. The level of impact cannot even measure that of an artist who lives very passionately with his art.

As for me, I’m already 20 (or still 20? Depending on from which POV you look at it), but I have never inspired anyone to do something yet. I don’t think I’m looking for it too early, but I don’t believe I’d be able to achieve any sort of impact with my currently-non-existent-even-in-the-form-of-intangible-ideas thesis. Unless I have a sudden moment of enlightenment or something.


I’m editing a simple stop-motion for Island Creamery as part of our advertising project in AdStrat class. But it’s just REALLY simple. Not even something quite as good as this:

Still, I’d like to do a bit more of stop motion with some friends when I get back. It’s not as easy as it looks but I think it’s gonna be extremely fun to do production design for. :D