Workshop by: Dave Malouf, @daveixd If your story doesn’t engage, then you are probably failing at design.   ┬ápeople = personas location = context props = interfaces activities = tasks dialog = flow/sequence experience – how we FEEL how to get things done engage emotional connection with voice/tone Tales with: purpose, meaning, value design to […]
Root Cause Analysis the first answer might not be the right answer –> DIG DEEPER WHY is that our problem? 5 Why’s: Problem – Why – Why – Why – Why – Why – Solution one branch at a time, like a mind map Rethink how you’re facing the problem We are often NOT the […]
I recently attended UXHK as an independent designer (i.e. not sponsored by a company). It’s not as easy to plan and budget conferences if you’re doing freelance, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Granted, most of the people I’ve met were from companies who are investing in UX, but some of them have come independently (or […]
It’s been a while since I traveled ‘alone’. When I studied for a semester at NUS, living alone abroad was a very liberating experience that pushed me to become more independent and I missed it. Since then though, I’ve mostly traveled with friends and family. When I had to fly to Hong Kong alone for […]