Root Cause Analysis

  • the first answer might not be the right answer –> DIG DEEPER
  • WHY is that our problem?
  • 5 Why’s: Problem – Why – Why – Why – Why – Why – Solution
  • one branch at a time, like a mind map
  • Rethink how you’re facing the problem
  • We are often NOT the average consumer
  • to find it: go out and talk to people –> Thinking tool –> VALIDATE!
  • Research: explore problems
  • BUT! It’s not going to be perfect
  • Hypotheses: test
  • If a solution has a minor cost and relatively high success, then why not try that out?


Innovation Clover


  • User Needs: unmet needs, improved experience
  • Money/profit: high revenue, low costs
  • Business: brand and strategy alignment, skill sets/expertise, resources (human and financial); cost of doing something: what product can we NOT do to invest in ONE thing
  • Technology: new capabilities, technical debt (every time we cut a corner, we can hinder design or meeting customer needs; keeping up with technology)


  • find the partner you need to be successful
  • you don’t have to do everything
  • WHAT do I have?
  • WHAT am I missing?
  • Partnerships –> Re-evaluate –> What do we need to do next?

Business Capabilities

  • Creating capabilities
  • creating something customers love
  • Starting points can be uncomfortable
  • users may not know how to articulate what they need –> they don’t know what the solutions are
  • Design: foresee


Reaching Your Stakeholders

  • articulate what’s going on
  • Recommended Reading: “Crucial Conversations” 
  • Reframe the conversation: find the path that’s right / towards what will drive the results


Avoiding the “Me Too” Products

  • Experience Continuum




Identifying Markets for Global Research

Where should we do research? 

  • country differences are not useful
  • (a) Is the design fundamentally different?
  • (b) Data entry: is the paradigm fundamentally different?
  • (c) Are consumer behaviors fundamentally different?
  • (d) Are the countries fundamentally different in any relevant way?
  • BIGGEST DIFFERENCES, not biggest markets


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