Went to a talk last evening, where Elsa Plumley from Foolproof shared their framework on experience design. As a framework, it’s more of a general guideline. I’ve experienced some of the things that were missing in our current workflows and this is something we could definitely try out to improve our process from ideation to app release to evaluation.

IxD Session: A Framework for Designing Great Experiences

– plan
– explore
– create
– deliver

– Agree what you want to achieve
– understand what’s known about the problem and what needs to be explored: what you already know and what you don’t know
– plan how to fill gaps with knowledge

– user and business requirements: what outcomes do you want to achieve (catching up with competitor, sales, etc) — what do they want to get from it
– interviews, observations, etc.
– explore potential solutions
– brainstorming, ideation — evaluate how each idea meets business and user requirements
– end: clear direction which idea meets user and business requirements

– design in detail
– get feedback from user and business
– iterate

– communicate the solution with impact
– ensure it is implemented as intended
– gather feedback
– validate that it has the desired business impact

Cultivate the Right Attitude
– be economical: don’t waste time and effort where it isn’t needed
– be pragmatic: find compromises that work for everyone
– always look to learn: see mistakes as an opportunity to improve
– be open to feedback: use real data to guide your decisions
– take your ego out of the equation

Your job
– help people not create wire frames
– your designs have to help businesses
– plan, explore, create, deliver


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